I Build & Grow Health, Dating and Self-Development Offers Using Direct Marketing

What The Top Entrepreneurs Are Saying About Me

“I think you’re doing a GREAT job and
I see you really know what you’re doing”.

Simon Digger
Director HHHB

“I love your work, and I’ve enjoyed
working with you”

Brad Thompson
Director, Soma Vita Health

“Nice take on the emails… I can’t
wait to see how they convert”.

Jeff Sudmeier
CEO SCM Products

About Me

I’ve worked in law, the military, education, catering, hospitality, tourism…
I’ve lived in the UK, Russia, Germany, Estonia, Canada…
And I’ve been a direct response copywriter for the past two years.

Which makes no sense…
Until you appreciate that effective copy is all about empathy…
Relating to the prospects problem, sharing their pain, and knowing how best to communicate your solution….

Then it makes perfect sense.

Not only that, it leaves me well positioned to offer something most copywriters can’t.

On top of that, I fell into copywriting through  learning how to make my own online offers succeed…
How to position, re-position and test until the offer sells…
When to pivot and try a new direction…
How to build an effective funnel from creative ads to evergreen upsells…

And how to keep scaling what’s working (and tweak what’s not).
To discuss your project and get some free ideas to develop your offer, just send me a message using the form below.

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